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Educators support latest effort in Congress to restore voting rights

July 20, 2015

The Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015 would create a new formula to determine where federal oversight is needed to protect the most vulnerable voters.

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School district privatization threat thwarted by community-supported, union-led campaign

July 19, 2015

Education support professionals in Waterford, Michigan, recently beat back a school privatization effort that would have cut 200 jobs.

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State news roundup for July 18, 2015

July 18, 2015

This week we talk about the new MA budget, summer meal programs in CT, CA’s newly elected leaders and arts education in PA.

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US Senate has voted to overhaul No Child Left Behind. Now what?

July 17, 2015

Congress must act swiftly, and work together with the same bipartisanship that got us this far, to craft a final bill.

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BREAKING! Senate votes to overhaul ESEA (No Child Left Behind)

July 16, 2015

"Every student in America will be better off under this legislation than the generation of students wronged by ‘No Child Left Untested’ ": Utah teacher & NEA President Eskelsen Garcia.

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Make sure your Senator hears from you: Vote YES on ESEA!

July 15, 2015

Last chance to tell your senator to vote YES on the “The Every Child Achieves Act of 2015.” Make sure your voice is heard!

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Why I’m speaking up for students: Meet Illinois educator Garrick Balk

July 13, 2015

“It’s a great job. I just wish we weren't so often under attack by others.” --Illinois educator Garrick Balk

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Get ESEA Right: U.S. Senate considers better assessments for measuring student growth

July 12, 2015

Find out what the Opportunity Dashboard is and why it could mean brighter futures for students.

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State news roundup for July 11, 2015

July 11, 2015

This week we talk about PARCC assessments in OH, retiree health insurance in MI, a reflection on the NEA RA from MTA President Barbara Madeloni, and feature video of the National Teacher of the Year on the importance of activism.

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PA governor vetoes GOP budget that fails students and schools

July 9, 2015

Educators support Gov. Tom Wolf’s insistence that the state can do better for public education.

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